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Where to access free yoga practices with our CZO, Anna:

Practice live with us or watch one of the 50+ archived 20-45 minute all-levels yoga classes on our Facebook page in the video section. 


Do you need connection and mindful movement?

We invite you to join our ever-expanding global community for free grounding, centering and mindful yoga practices. Accessible for beginners but with options for more advanced yoga practitioners.  Not on Facebook? We are gradually transitioning all our classes to our YouTube page as well.  

Online Yoga Student Reviews

If you’re a beginner or someone who’s always wanted to do yoga but has been intimidated by the sometimes daunting or even pretentious seeming yoga classes out there, then Above Yoga with Anna is what you’ve been looking for! I know I have! For years I tried to get into yoga, on and off, never stuck to it, never felt I belonged, felt awkward and out of place. Then I met Anna in person and felt she was unlike any other yoga teacher I’d met before (not dissing all yoga teachers, just didn’t click with the handful I’d met in person) and I decided to give yoga another try. Anna is very down to earth, personable, kind, generous, fun and funny, approachable and an amazing instructor. As a beginner I have no problem following her lead, it’s clear, simple, concise. The little bits of ‘wisdom’ she so unpretentiously sneaks into her classes are gifts you can take for yourself or not, it’s up to you. I’ve been practicing yoga with Anna for 6 weeks now and can for the first time say: “I practice yoga every day”. Thank you, Anna for this gift


Anna is a kind, supportive yoga teacher with something for everyone. She makes yoga accessible to everybody in every body. Above yoga is making the most out of #namateinquarentine and has been so generous with free facebook live classes to keep us practicing at home until we can get back into the studio and travel.


I found Above Yoga and joined Anna’s live online yoga classes during the covid pandemic lockdown. I wanted to move my body, so I thought I would give yoga one more chance... Taking Anna’s classes has changed my attitude towards this kind of exercising. After each occasion I feel both relaxed and energized at the same time, and I can’t stop smiling for hours. I don’t know how she does it, but it works! Now yoga with Anna is part of my daily routine, since I realized, it chases my back pain away too and strengthens the core (and other) muscles. Her instructions are absolutely clear also for non-native English speakers like me, being on the other side of the globe. So I highly recommend Above Yoga classes to everyone, who simply want to feel better both physically and mentally.


We look forward to practicing with you…

Hope to "see” you on the mat soon online, or if you'd like to join us in person on retreat, check out our current offerings: