Our Ethos

To whom much is given, much is required.

Our ethos inspires us to seek out ethically-run and environmentally-conscious vendors, as well as local partners who provide meaningful employment and support their local community.


Sustainable Tourism

Whenever possible, we use hotel and retreat providers who are committed to sustainable practices such as eliminating single use plastic and paper products, using produce from their own gardens, and utilizing water recycling systems.

One example: Our retreat partner in the South of France is luxury, yet “off-the-grid” and a self-sustaining property. Through the retreat’s use of solar panels, thermodynamic heating, local and seasonal food with minimal food waste, and an on-site perma-culture vegetable garden, our guests quickly realize luxury does not need to equate to waste!

Another example: Our retreat partner in Ireland serves guests vegetarian cuisine grown on-site in their organic garden domes and has planted more than 5,000 trees on property, all native species. They also compost all food waste for use back in their on-site gardens.


Local Providers

Whenever possible we utilize retreat properties that are owned or staffed by locals and who support their own communities by paying a living wage. We also contract with local transportation companies and independent tour guides for excursions so more of our guests’ money stays in our host community.

One example: Our retreat partner in Cambodia supports the local economy by providing 25 ethical jobs to residents of Siem Reap and surrounding villages. They also provide education and professional development opportunities, competitive salaries, free nutritious meals at work, savings plans and a bonuses for their staff members.

Another example: We use local, responsible tourism providers such as on of our partners, Ocean Friendly, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Their oceanologists have been documenting and supporting the local migratory whale populations for more than 20 years.


Support the Community

When appropriate and once properly vetted, we strive to partner with local charities or NGOs to give back to our host communities through time, financial resources and continued support and partnership.

One example: Our retreat partner in Marrakech, Morocco supports a local NGOcalled Project Soar whose mission is to empower teenage girls to stay in school. Project Soar was featured in Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s 2016 documentary “We Will Rise” after she visited with the girls in Morocco as part of the Let Girls Learn global campaign for female education.

Another example: The local community needs in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico were higher than ever given the lack of money coming in from tourism during COVID. We donated more than $800 on behalf of our retreat participants to the Vallarta Food Bank, a well-respected and critical supplier of food and meals kits to the area's most disadvantaged residents.


Total Contributions: $10,240*

Where some of our contributions have gone: 

  • Donation to Project Soar - NGO Program for Young Women (Morocco)
  • Donations to NGOs and local schools including Grace House Community Centre in 2022 + 2024 (Cambodia)
  • Donation to Vallarta Food Bank (Mexico) 
  • Business Seed Starters to Partners during COVID - 2020 (Cambodia)
  • Donation to Hope for Haiti - Disaster / Earthquake Relief (Haiti / Dominican Republic) 
  • ACLU - American Civil Liberties Union (USA)
  • Fund Yoga Teacher Training Program for BIPOC and Bilingual Yoga Teacher Trainee (USA)
  • Fully fund Pre-K Private Schooling for our guide's daughter 2022-2024 (Cambodia)

These donations have mainly been soured through Above Yoga's retreat proceeds. Additional efforts to fundraise for certain causes have been made from our guests and online yoga class students. 

*Total contributions are as of February 2024

At our Cambodia NGO partner school:

Just $10 funds 5 students to go to a neighborhood supplementary school for a month where they learn from local teachers.

Just $50 pays for the internet in their classroom for 3 months. 

Just $100 pays one of the teachers’ salaries for almost 2 months. 

*Please note: Due to COVID this school is not currently operational, we hope they'll be back up and running soon! We are redirecting Cambodia retreat donations to a similar organization called Grace House Community Centre.


Impact Experiences

Some of our retreats have an opportunity to interact with local NGOs and community members (in a mutually-beneficial way) and will have a portion of the proceeds donated to local causes. Explore these retreats below.

Retreat into Luxury - Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco

September 28 - October 4 2024· 6 nights

Retreat into Luxury - Marrakech, Morocco

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking vistas of North Africa with a perfectly curated mix of cultural + culinary excursions.


Yoga + Culture in Charming Cambodia

Siem Reap, Cambodia

November 8 - 14 2025· 6 nights

Yoga + Culture in Charming Cambodia

Exact Dates are TBD. A life-changing cultural adventure in stunning Siem Reap, Cambodia.


Retreat into Luxury - Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, Morocco

October 5 - 11 2025· 6 nights

Retreat into Luxury - Marrakech, Morocco

Opens Aug 2024. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking vistas of North Africa with a perfectly curated mix of cultural + culinary excursions.