Retreat Guest Testimonials


Sarah, Milwaukee, WI

Mexico (2021)

"Anna's attention to every detail is beyond compare! From the moment we booked our retreat, her communication with us was timely and just the right amount. I felt comfortable upon arrival, at every excursion, to our departure. The villa was absolutely perfect: clean, safe, private and beautiful. The schedule was clear and organized but also allowed for a lot of flexibility and spontaneity - a great balance for a retreat/vacation.  

Anna's calm energy was also super-appreciated. Even though I know she was working very hard behind the scenes, she was always relaxed, calm and organized, which helped all of us, I think, feel the same way during the the entire retreat. Truly excellent!"


Shannon, Charlotte, NC

Ireland (2018)

“This retreat well surpassed any expectation I had going into it.  Anna's attention to every aspect of the experience is second to none.  From the moment you arrive, it is obvious that she has done her homework on the retreat location, activities that appeal to everyone's interests, is well versed in local culture, and is prepared to offer a grade A hospitality experience to each of her guests.  

Whether you are a yoga instructor or have never practiced, Anna's retreats are for everyone.  Going into it I felt that the retreat was a little out of my comfort zone, but the people that Anna surrounds herself with are just as welcoming as she is.  Phenomenal all around experience start to finish.  I cannot praise her efforts enough!”  


Harry, New York, NY

Mexico (2017)

"I had an absolute blast! Anna organized an incredible time for us all in Tulum. From the accommodation to the yoga classes to the excursions nothing was short on fun. 

I was a little nervous heading in since I was such a novice, but Anna put everyone at ease and the classes were so well-prepared that even the master yogis were left sweating while the newbies held their own. Thanks again for a really good trip Anna, I'll forever cherish it."


Krista, Fair Oaks, CA

Croatia (2021)

"The communication from start to finish was excellent. I especially appreciated the commitment to keeping everyone as safe as possible with COVID, and the communication surrounding vaccine, testing, and mask requirements. The yacht and crew were amazing! I don't think any future vacation can top how spoiled we were in Croatia!"


Lori, Winston-Salem, NC

Mexico (2021)

“Anna is prompt in communication. I really appreciated her keeping in contact with us during COVID. She was always open to being asked questions. The retreat venue felt like paradise. The staff we interacted with were very welcoming. I only attended one yoga class and I never felt any type of pressure to do more. I can't wait to go back." 


Stuart, Charlotte, NC

Cambodia (2020)

“This was an absolutely eye-opening trip and after lots of apprehension I am thrilled that I joined the group. Anna's thorough communication regarding COVID was helpful and reassuring. I appreciated that she provided actual information directly from her contacts in Cambodia. Her info on visas and what to bring on the trip was crucial. 

The retreat property was central to the markets, shopping and so unique. The staff was helpful and attentive. We also could not have had a better tour guide for our excursions Yung made us feel like a part of his family and less like a tourist. I feel like we had very intimate experiences and got to know the country and its people better. I absolutely loved all the experiences associated with the retreat. They were so important to round  out the trip. Meals were great on-property and off. Great job Anna. I wish I could go on all of your retreats!"


Marcie, Richmond, VA

Croatia (2021)

"Anna made our trip to Croatia memorable for so many reasons. Visiting a foreign country, during a pandemic, is challenging but she couldn’t have made it any easier. She let us know exactly what to expect, how to prepare and was always quick to update us when things changed. Also, I really appreciated her policy around vaccines and testing. Once we got there we didn’t have to think about a thing. Anna had everything under control and set the tone for a fun and relaxing retreat. We made some great new friends and long lasting memories. We were so spoiled we can’t imagine traveling without Above Yoga!"


Carol, Blacksburg, VA

Ireland (2018)

“Anna was so organized and enthusiastic! Yoga morning and night was a great way to wake up and wind down! Wish I had someone to make all those wonderful meals every day - so creative and tasty! Wasn't sure how I would do since I'm not totally vegetarian, but I loved them." 


Lauren, Charlotte, NC

Croatia (2021)

"This retreat was everything I imagined and more. Anna was the absolutely perfect host, providing communication from even the very early days up to documenting her travel into Croatia so we knew what to expect. Except....there's no way to have a realistic expectation for a trip like this because it is beyond what I think a normal person in the US could imagine. Swimming in crystal clear waters, exploring the most beautiful cities and ports I've ever seen, eating the most incredible vegetarian meals and interacting with the COOLEST people I've ever been on a trip with. Every detail was perfect, down to having straps on-site for restorative yoga. When I first saw the strap I wasn't sure I'd need it - it became my new favorite piece of exercise equipment in my house. I use it every day, thanks to the incredible classes I took that I normally would gloss over at my home yoga studio. 

This wasn't just a vacation to a new part of the world, it was a journey back to the best me. The me that I strive to be but am often moving so fast I can't get there. After spending a week with likeminded, insightful and caring individuals, making a concerted effort to better our wellness and mind and truly taking the encouragement from Anna (and our other amazing teachers) to still the mind, move the body and soak in the experience, I came back to the US with a calmer and more peaceful state of mind. I know this feeling won't last forever so I'm already deciding what retreat to go on next :) I honestly thought this would just be a really cool vacation and experience and after attending, I know it was so much more than that and I'm SO thankful that Anna has made this her life's mission."


Katie, Charlotte, NC

Coastal Morocco (2021)

"This is my 3rd retreat with Anna and Above Yoga and I can say that they have all been wonderful! Morocco was magical. It was so different from any other place I have ever been. I appreciate Anna's previous scouting to make sure the accommodations and location are a good fit for her retreat guests. Being that we traveled during COVID and all of the complications that entails, Anna's organization and communication were direct and clear. She also kept us updated on the current COVID situation in Morocco to ease any pre-trip worries. It was nice to have a bubble of new friends at the villa that I could interact with and not worry about COVID. Anna's pre-trip communication(emails and Zoom meetings) aside from COVID was so helpful in determining how to navigate what to wear and exchanging currency. 

I always love how these retreats are "have it your way" and there is no pressure to do all or any of the activities planned. This trip was so hard to decide what to do during my time off because there were so many good options available such as massage, horseback or camel riding, surfing, or relaxing by the pool. I am continued to be amazed at the connections I make during these retreats and this one was especially amazing as it was all women. We had an amazing time together laughing and being our vulnerable, authentic selves. I also enjoy running into past guests of other retreats I've been on. I can't wait to travel again with Above Yoga, Inshallah!"


Glenn, New York, NY

Mexico (2017)

“I never imagined I would go on a trip like this before. I wasn’t sure what to expect and got a bit nervous as the trip grew near! Ironically, some of the aspects I was most nervous about were the parts that I ended up enjoying the most. Meeting and spending time with strangers that I never would have crossed paths with before was an unexpected joy. This was by the far the most I have ever practiced yoga in one week and I LOVED it. Thank you, Anna, for creating and organizing this trip.”     


Rebecca, Milwaukee, WI

Cambodia (2020)

“I don’t know if I ever would have traveled to SE Asia if it weren’t for this retreat. I’m a yogi but my husband is not, and we both thoroughly enjoyed the retreat (made for any level of yoga practice). Anna provided travel adviser-like expertise for visas, flights, packing, pre- and post-retreat travel ideas, and was so informative about travel to SE Asia especially after the coronavirus outbreak. 

She curated fun, cultural activities and made everything optional so we could do as much yoga and exploring as a group or have downtime as needed. She cares for her travelers - she followed everyone’s flights to make sure we got in, helped a traveler with delayed luggage and had a First Aid kit she wasn’t afraid to use. 

Anna scouts her trips making connections to provide the best opportunity to experience Cambodian culture and a unique bike tour watching the sunset in rice fields - all with the wonderful guide she met previously.”   


Ana, Washington, DC

Coastal Morocco (2021)

"I loved every part of the retreat. Anna communicated clearly about what to expect, there were no any surprises when I arrived, the place was even better than in the pictures. I would not change anything about the villa, the excursions, meals and the staff. Overall it was a lovely time. I really enjoyed my room, it was spacious and very pretty. I felt welcome and comfortable the whole time I was there. Plus, I know that Anna was always there ready to help me with anything I needed."


Courtney, Charlotte, NC

France (2019)

“This was my first retreat with Above Yoga and it exceeded all my expectations. The pre-trip communication was perfectly detailed but not too much. I felt like all my travel details were under control and the helpful tips on booking trains really made my preparation easy.  

Once we arrive to the retreat center, I felt like I was in heaven. The home and the property were like something out of a fairy tale book and I was completely in awe the entire time. The first full day of relaxation was my favorite and it was nice to have downtime to do yoga, read, eat healthy food and 'just be.' The following days were filled with perfectly planned excursions and really enhanced the trip. The bike ride with the picnic was probably my favorite as I would have never been able to plan something like that on my own. The food was incredible and very thoughtful. Anna & Jillian planned out appropriate yoga classes for the group and meditations included in the classes were really nice. The friendships formed on this trip will be something I will carry with me for a long time.  


Andrea, Boise, ID

Mexico (2021)

“Wonderful trip with a nice blend of yoga, sightseeing and unique experience like the sunset sailboat cruise. The group was small but delightful, and easy to get to know. The villa was fabulous and so much nicer than staying in a hotel. The property (including the rooms) were stunning, the roof top pool magnificent and the location (only a couple of blocks from the beach) perfect. "


Jen, Washington, DC

Ireland (2018)

“Words cannot describe how incredible this trip was! From the moment I signed up, there was steady and clear communication - I didn't have to worry about a thing. 

This remained consistent throughout the trip, with a number of wonderful activities planned and plenty of suggestions for activities during free time. Additionally, Anna did an incredible job of coordinating any free time activities someone wanted to take part in. 

Her coordination and organization throughout the trip allowed for the perfect vacation. (I would also like to add the itinerary provided was excellent! I always knew what activities would be taking place during the day, what items I would need, and the times I would need to be places in order to participate).”  


Pamela, New York, NY

Cambodia (2020)

“This was my first 'group travel' experience, and it was perfect from start to finish. Though I often travel alone, this was a part of the world I wasn't sure I felt comfortable going solo. Anna was able to apply her experiences from the scouting trip to allow us to experience the best of what this part of SE Asia had to offer. The pre-trip information, provided in advance, was comprehensive and very informative in setting expectations for what we would need and what we could expect. 

The hotel was an ideal 'home base,' and one I would return to if I came back to the area. The variety of activities offered were perfect and uniquely showcased the best of Cambodia. I especially appreciated that part of our trip costs went to the PLC, and loved that we were able to visit the school and meet the kids who would benefit."


Nicole, Wausau, WI

Coastal Morocco (2021)

"One of the best trips of my life! No planning on my part and come out of it with 12 new friends from around the world. Thank you for being the best organizer / tour guide / leader and new friend! I had a blast, thank you!!"


Jocelyn, Charlotte, NC

Mexico (2017)

“I HAD SO MUCH FUN!! I felt like I grew in my yoga practice, which was my main intention for the trip. I loved the hands on one-on-one teacher experience. I loved being able to have a trip planned so I didn't have to do any of the research."


Amanda, Nashville, TN

France (2019)

“Anna was on point with her communication throughout the entire process. There was never a question that I had that she hadn't already answered or wasn't available to answer in lightening speed. She was so relaxed and inviting the entire trip and never showed any sign of stress, even if there was a hiccup, which honestly, I can't remember if there was." 


Jennifer, Blacksburg, VA

Ireland (2018)

“This trip was amazing! I had never been on a yoga retreat or traveled to Europe. From the beginning to end Anna had everything planned out and was extremely organized. She answered all of my questions and made sure all of us were well-prepared for international travel. I could not have asked for a better experience."