This trip was amazing! I had never been on a yoga retreat or traveled to Europe. From the beginning to end Anna had everything planned out and was extremely organized. She answered all of my questions prior to travel and made sure all of us were well-prepared for international travel. I could not have asked for a better experience!
— Jennifer, Blacksburg, VA, USA
I (was) thrilled by the whole experience. Anna, you were so inclusive and made sure that everyone felt part of the group. I loved that. As a former yoga participant, this experience will jump start me back into the practice. I thought that you did a great job of incorporating all levels in the yoga practice. The food was absolutely amazing. Bravo, to a trip well done.
— Stuart, Charlotte, NC, USA
I never imagined I would go on a trip like this before. I wasn’t sure what to expect and got a bit nervous as the trip grew near! Ironically, some of the aspects I was most nervous about were the parts that I ended up enjoying the most. Meeting and spending time with strangers that I never would have crossed paths with before was an unexpected joy. This was by the far the most I have ever practiced yoga in one week and I LOVED it. Thank you, Anna, for creating and organizing this trip.
— Glenn, New York, NY, USA
Excellent pre-trip communication and planning, accessible yoga classes, and amazingly planned out so that I didn’t have to worry about what to do and see. Perfect stress-free getaway to unwind, relax, and recharge!
— Kirsty, Blacksburg, VA, USA
This retreat well surpassed any expectation I had going into it. Anna’s attention to every aspect of the experience is second to none. From the moment you arrive, it is obvious that she has done her homework on the retreat location, activities that appeal to everyone’s interests, is well versed in local culture, and is prepared to offer a grade A hospitality experience to each of her guests. Whether you are a yoga instructor or have never practiced, Anna’s retreats are for everyone. Going into it I felt that the retreat was a little out of my comfort zone, but the people that Anna surrounds herself with are just as welcoming as she is. Phenomenal all around experience start to finish. I cannot praise her efforts enough!
— Shannon, Charlotte, NC , USA
I had an absolute blast! Anna organized an incredible time for us all in Tulum. From the accommodation to the yoga classes to the excursions nothing was short on fun. I was a little nervous heading in since I was such a novice, but Anna put everyone at ease and the classes were so well-prepared that even the master yogis were left sweating while the newbies held their own. Thanks again for a really good trip Anna, I’ll forever cherish it.
— Harry, New York, NY, USA
I felt like I grew my yoga practice, which was my main intention for the trip. I loved the hands on one-on-one teacher experience. I loved being able to have a trip planned so I didn’t have to do any of the research!
— Jocelyn, Charlotte, NC, USA
Anna was so organized and enthusiastic! Yoga morning and night was a great way to wake up and wind down! Wish I had someone to make all those wonderful meals every day - so creative and tasty! Wasn’t sure how I would do since I’m not totally vegetarian but I loved them!
— Carol, Blacksburg, VA, USA
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Anna does an amazing job both before and during the trip coordinating & communicating all the details. On both retreats I’ve attended, I’ve enjoyed the balance between yoga, planned activities & free time.
— Lee, Charlotte, NC, USA
Anna, it was beyond any expectations that I could have ever had!! You are so thorough, detailed and organized. Everything so well done from start to finish.
— Nicole, Blacksburg, VA, USA
The yoga sessions were well-prepared and very well taught. Detailed explanations on how to get more out of a pose and how to do it right.
— Marie Jose, Montreal, CA
This was my first but won’t be my last retreat with Above Yoga. What an amazing experience! Anna was so organized planning and communicating prior. The community of people were warm and friendly. It was an amazing experience in Ireland!
— Kate, Charlotte, NC, USA
Anna did a wonderful job from the beginning seeing all details through. I felt that I did not have to worry about a thing and she made the experience easy. I felt as I could do as little or as much as I wanted, just as she had indicated!!
— Justin, Blacksburg VA, USA
Words cannot describe how incredible this trip was! From the moment I signed up, there was steady and clear communication - I didn’t have to worry about a thing. This remained consistent throughout the trip, with a number of wonderful activities planned and plenty of suggestions for activities during free time. Additionally, Anna did an incredible job of coordinating any free time activities someone wanted to take part in. Her coordination and organization throughout the trip allowed for the perfect vacation. (I would also like to add the itinerary provided was excellent! I always knew what activities would be taking place during the day, what items I would need, and the times I would need to be places in order to participate).
— Jen, Washington, DC, USA

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